Finding a Job in a Down Economy

Alberta is currently in an Employers' Job Market, meaning there are more qualified applicants than positions available. So, how do you find opportunities, stand out from the competition, and land interviews?
In this workshop, you will discover the importance of knowing your strengths and how to identify your career target and make weekly job search goals. You will also learn about strategic job search methods you can use to set yourself apart from the competition, and tips on where to find opportunities.

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Networking 101

Did you know that 85% of job seekers find employment opportunities through people they know?

Whether you're preparing for an upcoming career fair or a networking event, this session is for you. Attending this workshop will teach you how to build your network, and how to initiate, lead and exit conversations at events.
The workshop will offer helpful insight into what networking is (hint: it’s not as scary as you think), why it’s an important at all stages of your career, and how to be prepared for any type of networking. The EEC’s Golden Rules for networking success will also be shared. Join us and learn how to build your professional network.

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Writing Effective Resumes and Cover Letters

How do you create a resume and cover letter that stands out from the 100+ other applicants and gets you short-listed for an interview? One word: customize. Your resume and cover letter are important marketing tools and must align with the requirements of the employer’s hiring need.

Learn the basics of resume and cover letter preparation including style, formatting, content alignment, and how to write impactful statements. Attendees are encouraged to bring a current copy of both their documents and note changes they should make to align with best practices.

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Leveraging LinkedIn

First impressions count, so what is your online profile (or lack of one) saying about you? With over 94% of recruiters using LinkedIn to identify and/or screen candidates, it’s a tool you should be using regularly in your job search. In this workshop, learn what goes into creating a professional profile that attracts the attention of recruiters and ways to increase your professional network. In addition, the workshop will show you how to use LinkedIn’s "Find Alumni" and "Advanced Search" functions to explore career options and prepare for interviews.

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Acing the Interview

Tell me about yourself? What’s your greatest weakness? Tell us what you know about our company and why you’re interested in working here? Why should we hire you? These questions are just a few of the ones commonly asked in an interview.
Be prepared to answer these and other questions effectively. Attendees will learn about what to expect, how to prepare, how to answer difficult and behavourial questions, and how to follow up with an employer. Don’t wait until you have an interview scheduled to attend this work shop, the best time to prepare is now!

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How to “Wow” at a Career Fair

Do you rate the success of a career fair by the number of pens or other swag you acquire? Does the thought of attending a career fair cause you to break into a sweat? Don’t worry, this workshop will: identify the difference between a job fair and a career fair; let you know what you can do before, during, and after the event to set yourself up for success; and, identify four keys to “wowing” that will help you put your best foot forward.

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Unable to find a workshop that fits your schedule? Find handouts and other resources in the EEC Resource Vault.