Finding a Job in a Down Economy

Alberta is currently in an Employers' Job Market, meaning there are more qualified applicants than positions available. So, how do you find opportunities, stand out from the competition, and land interviews?

In this workshop, you will discover the importance of knowing your strengths and target areas of employment. You will also learn where and how to look for employment using both traditional methods, such as job boards and internet searches, and non-traditional techniques, like informational interviews and networking.

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Networking 101

Did you know that 85% of job seekers found employment opportunities through people they know?

Attending this workshop will teach you how to build your network, and how to initiate, lead, and exit conversations at any event. Whether you're preparing for the upcoming career fair or any networking event, this session is for you. The workshop will offer helpful insight into the purpose and format of career fairs, mixers, and other networking events, and we will share some tips for success at any networking event! Join us and learn how to "wow" at your next event.

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Writing Effective Resumes and Cover Letters

How do you create a resume and cover letter that stands out from the 100 other applicants and gets you short listed for an interview? One word: customize. Your resume and cover letter are important marketing tools containing relevant information for the employer and align with the requirements of the position. Learn the basics of resume preparation including formatting, style, and content alignment, as well as the secrets of successful cover letters and resumes in this hands-on workshop.

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Leveraging LinkedIn

First impressions count, so what is your online profile saying about you? LinkedIn is becoming the new "Help Wanted" ad for recruiters and is a tool you should be using regularly in your job search. In this workshop, learn how to use LinkedIn to create a professional online profile that attracts the attention of recruiters, increases your professional network, and connects you with opportunities that match your career goals. You'll also learn how to utilize several of the functions LinkedIn offers, such as the "Find Alumni" and "Advanced Search" functions.

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Acing the Interview

Tell me about yourself? What are your weaknesses? These questions are two of the many you may be asked in an interview. Be prepared for any question by attending the interview workshop where you will learn about the interview process, different interview styles, how to prepare for those difficult questions, and how to follow up with an employer.

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